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Spanking – Religion – & the Shame

I often find the interraction of overly zealous Religious punishment rather amusing. It’s a sombre subject but if I was a naughty girl looking in on the family – I’d think they were nutters!I recently saw a programme which showcased 2 families who were ultra religious (Protestants I believe) who disciplined their kids on a regular basis.Although amusing to an outsider, the corporal discipline, often with a cane in house, had the desired effect as an ultimate sanction.

We often feature any religious discipline at our sites on the Catholic side, but why should they have all the fun? Here, in this latest revamped, re edited update from FETISHFLIXX, see Joanna punished the Protestant way! Somewhere in rural northern England, a family still cling to moral values at the turn of the last century. For Joanna, her latest punishment by her strict aunt & uncle is a shared experience as they take turns and explain why she is being punished.

It doesn’t help me looking at this seeing as Joanna has a beautiful spankable red bottom. Very very nice!!! One of my fave actresses we have worked with, Joanna once again does not disappoint in this classic film out now in 1500 kbs playback

Click on the image below to see part of the latest update from this movie. Remember that FetishFlixx stands for Hi Res Movies, all their 100s of full length movies are in clear playback like this!

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This OTK clip is EXCLUSIVE from Spankingblogg and not available anywhere else

I just thought it was a good excuse to show Joanna’s wobblesome buttocks, which I love seeing in a prolonged OTK like this.
Whilst Joanna is being spanked she is being reminded why she is being punished by aunty who also ensures that the punishment is getting through. All I will say is that aunty gets her chance to administer the cane later during the punishment and those buttocks turn even redder.

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