Security Center – a NEW SpankingOnline Multi Girl Update

There’s a NEW HQ Photo Update of a forthcoming movie called “Secure Center” I love films that involve multi girls, especially when their bared wobbling globes are punished hard! I’ve seen the previews to this movie and it’s a winner!

3 girls in a Young Lady’s Offenders Institute, or in this case the Secure Center, are due for release pending good reports. Warden, Miss Baker, has other plans than their release as she’s seen their damning reports. Pandora (on the right) has a foul mouth on her, never listens or learns from her mistakes! Chloe (on the left) has been caught defiling herself intimately, in the Girls Dorms on a repeated basis!

Secure Center

As for pretty Heather, she has defied numerous attempts at wearing make up despite the past punishments! So are they to be released as planned? Are they heck!!! Miss Baker has their bare delinquant bottoms over the table, lined up and wobbling under her hand!

Security Center

Needless to say these girls are soon yelping and snivelling at the end. It really is a pitiful site, seeing foolish teens crying and demeaning themselves this way! Of course they won’t be released on time either, oh no! Why should Society have these misfits back? Sent to their beds early without their tea, rubbing their red bottoms, they can reflect on their mistakes, can’t they?

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