Stunning BadTushy OTK Spanking

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I’ve been studying BadTushy for a while now, and since it was revamped earlier this year, I can safely recommend it. Many of you here will be well aware of the site and what it offers. However from what I have seen & this stunning clip below, which I have cut, there’s some great updates here now. Indulge me, whilst those who know, BadTushy shows the fetish of spanking girls in various uniforms.
Also included are brats being punished at school & home with intimate & embarrassing rectal examinations included! All in all, a great site that has come far since some of the lame stuff I saw from the 2003 archives.

The below clip and pics which I also cut from the 2000kbs playback clip (yeah, just about DVD quality!) are from an update earlier this year. I chose this one as the girl in question (they have called her Lori) reacts beautifully to the sustained & painful OTK. Being pale skinned, & possibly red haired to a degree (I love red heads) her bottom marks up beautifully!

Take a look at the clip below, I recommend you save it first as it is almost 8MB in length & just about 30 seconds.

Click HERE to play

The story of this clip is as follows:
Lori is being punished by her neighbour whilst her parents are away.
Why? She has brought shame on the neighbourhood with her expulsion from school! A little OTT, but I like it, and the Domme, I believe, is a popular regular who carries out the punishments of her girls forcefully. Take a look at the 6 screen shots I pulled from this spanking scene as well – linger well over Lori’s crimson buttocks!  😉


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Talking of red heads, I noticed that red head vanilla porn star, Nicole, or Lauren as she is also called features a lot at BadTushy.
Oh what I wouldn’t do to get her to come fly cross the Atlantic & film with us! (sigh)
Nicole is the red head on the left in the classroom pic below. You can be sure I will scour the BadTushy archives for pics and clips of Nicole & I will definitely give my thumbs up to this site!

Nicole far left

This wasn’t meant to be a detailed review as such, but for those who like their spanking criteria as below:
Cute Sexy Girls, Girls in Uniform, FF, Hard punishments, intimate examinations, full screen playback movies & exclusive content. Then this could well be the site for you if you enjoyed the quality of the clip above! The Chief gives his thumbs up & will be investigating more stuff from here very soon!  😉

7 thoughts on “Stunning BadTushy OTK Spanking

  1. dave

    p.s. The reason her tush was so blistered was if i’m not mistaken, she did a paddling shoot earlier that day (im not a huge paddling fan).

    I wish they had shot this scene when her ass was fresh and lilly white. The pix are very hot though, esp. with her jeans all tangled…mm mm!

  2. Spank Chief Post author

    On any normal spank shoot, a good model will take a good 4-5 hours of filming work involving all manner of punishments.
    I am sure you are right as that spanking, sustained as it was, wouldn’t bring about such a red bottom as that!
    Good spanking models buttocks redness heal quickly even after a short rest so this spanking would only edden quickly from the last punishment.
    In this case, a paddling.

    Still, I like the sight of a red bottom and the heat it can generate! 😉

  3. anonymous

    That Lori girl really turns me on, hearing her moan and scream while she is getting that big red sore ass of hers beaten hard. I wish I was the one spanking her instead!

  4. spanking

    I wonder what happened to the spanker from these shoots. I dont think badtushy uses her anymore, she was really great just needed to tone down the voice a little.

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