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FetishFlixx is one of those websites I NEVER have a problem recommending, it has bloody good spanking and hard discipline films of teen girls, girls in their 20s that should know better and of course grown women who really should be learning their lesson. Well, today , I focus on the woman who should know better, as well as those beauties that have rather a large rear that wobbles ever so slightly too much after being thrashed. I got to admit, I don’t mind seeing these fleshy posteriors being smacked hard or caned, that satisfying sound of rattan on ample flesh gets me everytime! So without waffling anymore, below is the very latest Full Movie Update which is available to view right now! Starring the ample buttocks of teen in trouble – Caroline, check out the special Gallery and Free Movie clip below:

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So that was cocky Caroline, taught not to answer back when she had no reason to with that abysmal school report. Still, it was a good excuse to see Caroline’s chunky bottom striped and welted by Aunty, eh? Check out some recent updates that have appeared at FetishFlixx with girls whose bottoms have their own gravitational pull, like the wonderful Heidi (top left) and the rare outing of Miss Smith’s fabulous mature buttocks that are featured (top right) to the awesome cheeks of Sasha Harvey, such flesh that can really take one helluva thrashing!!! See below, ladies and gentlemen.

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OK, FetishFlixx stats: There are currently only Hi Res and remsatered full screen WMV films available for download, in excess of approaching 200 films (from memory, I haven’t counted them recently but there’s a lot of data there) Films vary from approx 6 or 7 mins minimum (these are the shortest and there are NOT many of these) to films over 30 minutes in length, some are even longer. On average I would say that these films are approx 15-18 minutes long, more than enough and would therefore be about 100-150 odd Mb in file size each.

I’d hazard a guess that there is probably close to 50 hours of spanking content here now. You’d be watching this non stop over a weekend if you downloaded all the films! Imagine that!!! There are also vid grabs of each movie which are often very useful and I often download these myself so you can appreciate the scenes of the film later. All in all, it is also extremely competively priced!!! Especially with the very High US Dollar and Euro,  have noticed this website really is far cheaper now than many websites offering HALF that content! The pricing structure doesn’t just stop there, you get virtually a month free on the 3 month payment structure and those paying for 6 months an even bigger discount! I didn’t mean for this to be a site review as such, but I thought for any of you that are viewing my blog for the first time (hello, by the way) you deserve to know the truth about this site and the fantastic films it has to offer.

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OK, I also wanted to include Elizabeth Simpson in today’s update as one of her films is actually available now at HD Spank and this is an EXCLUSIVE which lucky HD Spank members will get to see exclusive to their site in FULL. Simpson’s fans have seen this movie, they may even have seen some scenes in HD, but HDSpank has the rights to the FULL High Definition Movie which is out now to download HERE

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This is one film which made me laugh as I remember it, I asked her later if this wasn’t really a Real Life Series film, but bless her, Elizabeth in real life isn’t as messy as she portrayed in this film. Check out the Free Images and Special 19mb HD Clip which is available clicking on the image below.

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I have to say, Elizabeth in black looks mighty fine too, as well as her getting her ample buttocks thrashed! HD Spank – as most of you know, only has FULL length High Def movies produced by ourselves and filmed on Hi Def cams giving you the best quality spanking viewing content which won’t shame your 42″ + plasma, as I have gleefully discovered! This content really is the Dogs Bollox! No other spanking network has come close and now within just one year, HDSpank has already amassed over 60 Gigs of spanking movie data in one year! That speaks for itself. Once again, it has also been very keenly priced, in the same bracket as FetishFlixx.


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