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Friday 13th & Valentine’s Spanking Day

Right, I am one of those people that don’t like Friday 13th, usually bad things happens to me, I know it’s daft, anyway, I practically crapped my pants earlier today as I had to drive to the nearest town about 8 miles away and got caught on a road covered in ice (still) – luckily, no major accidents, but still, it shook me up a little! Having low profile tyres in these conditions isn’t fun! Anyway, I saw this in a news post earlier, someone has found the end of the rainbow! Is there a pot of Gold, does it bring luck? Check out the pics below.

Legend has it that at the end of every rainbow sits a leprechaun, hammering on a shoe, who will reveal the whereabouts of a crock of gold. Just as well, then, that it’s only a legend – otherwise the little imp at the end of this rainbow would have found himself squashed by a 4×4 on a busy freeway! While many of us have seen a rainbow, few have been lucky enough to witness where it actually ends.
Even fewer have caught the moment on camera. These rare pictures were taken by amateur photographer Jason Erdkamp as he travelled along a freeway in Orange County, California, in the rain last Sunday.

And it does seem to have proved lucky for him. ‘There was no pot of gold,’ he said yesterday. But I did win $25 that night on a lottery ticket.’ Good man! LOL

OK, I found an old gallery template I hadn’t used for the Brazilian Package out at NaughtyBottom

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So I have just updated these for affiliates and you lucky readers now get to see the full Promo Clips and galleries of each Brazilian Discipline film, completely remastered and re edited for amazing unique playback! I’ve featured some of these before, but not all, so check them all out, remember these are all available in FULL as a one off low payment package at

The sight of these Samba beauties getting punished across their pert backsides, and the look of shock (for all of them this was a FIRST!!!) it’s worth the payment fee alone for that! Click on the images below, each movie has a Gallery and a promo clip.

1. BRAZILIAN OTK- These girls were nervous & didn’t know what to expect. They had heard about British Discipline & were visibly scared. See these cute things remove their panties & bend over to take their 1st spankings!

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2. Bible & the Rod. 2nd film of 4 – these 3 girls are sent to the old Englishman’s Retreat for wayward young ladies. Here they learn all about discipline through the scriptures & are strapped caned & shamed. Yelps, crying & real blubbing tears guaranteed!

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3. No English. 3rd film of 4 – Skipping lessons & failure to progress in remedial English spells all sorts of trouble for lazy silly girls. So they are taught about British discipline & the love of the Rod across a girl’s pert tight bottom. A naughty caning movie!

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4. Brazilian Discipline. Last of the 4 Films and my favourite along with number 2 for multi girl punishments! – 4 Bar girls are punished hard and & the owner takes turns in humiliating them with the most horrible discipline of their lives as they snivel & watch each other strapped then caned across their bare samba bottoms!

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Add to that there are tons of extra images not shown elsewhere, it’s easily one of the best packages out at – CLICK HERE for more info

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Finally, as it’s Feb 14th tommorow, will you be my Spanking Valentine? 😀

Ah, if only they made love hearts like these, eh? Have a great weekend, back soon… Chief.

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