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Prepare yourselves for a Cold Shower!

I just had to share these fantastic galleries and HOT HOT pics of what I have been scoping this morning! First of all, I was gonna do a whole new update on a brand new spanking site, as it is a new style site from the Uk with model indexes, being able to tag faves, comment on images sets and videos etc and will feature just HOT and hard punishments of girls that need it!!! Anyway, check out the galleries below and you’ll see what I mean, there also appens to be some graphic and explicit pics of new girl Justine which I recently featured, I haven’t found these elsehwere, you can also see her below!

click here for more

Click on any image below to access the new free galleries from this site
click here

I remember this girl from way back when she did some work for us and she hated the punishments, all the better as she reacted so well! These girls that come just for the cash make me laugh as they have no idea, I always prefer to see girls that are into our little kink and are true submissives etc, however, on this occassion, I took a lot of pleasure watching her wish she hadn’t been so Gr$$dy! LOL

click here

No problems with Joanna though and I reckon this is my all time fave film, so humiliating, her private parts scorched with the rod! Feel the heat coming off those cheeks!!! Fantastic girl, and this movie is in FULL and remastered at StrictingSpanking

click here

Finally, as I said earlier, check out beautiful new girl Justine which I happened across inside the members area.

click here for more

I will also be featuring some new material at My Other Blog HERE when I have more time
already featured is Justine above, so stay tuned as there will be much more coming up!


OK, and now to my schoolgirl and ass site fetish that I love so much, I have featured this site from time to time, trying to keep it a secret.

click here

But it’s a great little teen site, if that’s your thing! Enough of the waffle, check out these fantastic girls and some latest galleries where they are featured in some recent updates, the HOME PAGE of FDAU University covers loads of extra stuff, worth checking the girls profiles out, here below are a few faves of mine!

click here

Click on the girls names I’ve highlighted below – and you get a more detailed description of them!

Chastity Lynn is a filthy girl who will show you everything, here is an extra FREE GALLERY to prove my point – what a sweetie! next up are 2 old faves of mine, Polish schoolgirl Kasia, who I featured in some details (just type in her name on the search box in the right hand bar of the page >>> and you’ll find the EXTENSIVE FREE Galleries and Movie Clips of her) as well as Goth type girl Jennifer, who sort of reminds me of fetish model and F*cking HOT teen next door Liz Vicious…yum! 😀

click here

click here

Finally from FDAU, check out Krissy, by now you’ll get the idea, I can recommend this site, it’s a little unique as many of these girls are exclusive and first timers and look really fresh!

click here

If you haven’t already – Check out the full list of girls in the FDAU Yearbook below!
all girls listed here


Finally, I sent this mailer off earlier today and as it featured one of my fave girls, Caroline from Poland, and I thought I’d share this with you again. I’m sure many of you have seen her before, she usually featured with the other Polish girl, Angelina, and was one of those “complainers” who I loved to see get properly punished. Especially when it involves Miss valkerie, you can be damn well sure any girl will get it hard! Enjoy!

click here for this free gallery

Ok, enjoy the rest of your weekend, I have fence painting chores to do (groan) - Chief.


  1. Kasia is a goddess. I Have blogged about her bodacious body before. @@! 🙂

  2. Indeed! I haven’t seen her anywhere else…imagine Kasia sat on your face. Who’d need Viagra…LOL!

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