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Spankings that make you say “God Damn!!!”

Hi everyone, you know those spankings that you see and you think, “sheesh, I wish I was in the mix with that, God damn” well, I’ve got some varied stuff which will just make you sit up “erect” and take notice  and one such site, which is fast surprising me with their new revamped and exclusive content is BADTUSHY! It’s a site I will now include on my list of sites I review and take a look at as it’s well worth signing up to (which I now have)with some quality playback of their movies and some of the hottest, cutest tarts around Stateside that the site definitely deserves a “Shout Out!”
I had featured a school classroom scene not so long back (which is what got me back into tushy goodness) and this is a sort of continuation though the girls getting spanked are different this time, the gorgeous teen flesh on display and those cute uniforms, oh my..just check it out for yourselves!

Carrie was late to class again for the third time in a row, after promising Miss that it would never happen again, her teacher was extremely pissed off and had to make an example of her. Pulling down Carrie’s tight panties and making her get up in front of the entire class was humiliation enough but then she was bent her over her knee, legs splayed apart as the teacher pulled out a new wooden paddle and gave Carrie the hardest ass paddling she had ever experienced!

The other girls are asked to assist in keeping the struggling Carrie down as the punishment continues! Oh if only I could gaze at her ass close up as she was being held down…mmm  😀

Goddamn!!! I’m wearing tight fitting trousers for Chrissakes!!! (one moment…)

Ahem, so just from this classroom update you’ll see how hot these spankings are! But I have MORE as you can also check out the beauty below and please, just check out those ASS pics! I’m in Heaven!


b02 b03 b04

Jennifer gives a real hard bottom thrashing that is going to leave Christina’s big beautiful bum stinging for hours! Christina was caught stealing from her neighbour, Jennifer. She was in the middle of taking money out of the the purse when Jennifer caught her red handed. She was so pissed off with the thieving madam that she decided to give her a very hard spanking! This is one lovely FF punishment as she places her over her knee, lifts up her short skirt and gives every tender inch of Christina’s round over ripe bottom a harsh spanking until those cheeks are are a flaming deep red!


click here for more


OK, I had to include Mike from Real Life Spankings in my next review as this is just one lovely naughty spanking film as 2 cuties, Julie (she of the large bottom which I’ve featured before!) and Angel, (just listen to her oh so cute Dutch accent in the clip below, I’m in love!). This guy is a lucky sod, these 2 girls WANT to be spanked by him and they deliberately turn up late by 37 minutes (he is very precise!) knowing damn well that he will punish them as only he knows how, a good old fashioned OTK spanking and that’s JUST WHAT THEY WANT!!!

Please see the special clip I have had made below (by Mike, no less!) of the movie so you’ll get the idea and also the quality of the full movie which is now firmly locked away on my hard drive for, ahem.. private viewing. At the time of writing this is an EXCLUSIVE free clip only found below, it’s about 1 min 07 secs long, enjoy!

please click here




Check out the naughty girls from Holland who need a spanking – CLICK HERE


Paige is always a fave of mine so it comes as no surprise when I saw that at they had remastered possibly one of my top rated films from the past starring the gobby brat from the north east of England!

Paige punished on her bed!

…and this is a domestic discipline movie as she is caught playing with herself at home by hubby who really takes his time spanking her very sore red bottom, and you know she’s feeling the pain of it as the evidence of a little mouse string hanging between her legs shows it’s her time of the month and also the fact she swears and cusses like a common slut as her poor sore bottom really feels those slaps!

click to play here

The full remastered and glorious spanking movie OUT IN FULL HERE

click here


Finally there is a brand new HD Spanking Movie update at HDSPANK and it stars Jasmine and her beautiful soft toned teen buttocks getting an unexpected thrashing from “Pops” as her school report failure earns her a humiliating home discipline whilst still in her school uniform! You can see a FREE CLIP of Jasmine at the home page of HDSPANK in glorious pure HD!

Please check out the sneak preview images below, Jasmine really does look exceptionally alluring in that uniform, even the detail of the knee high socks! Mmmm!


b-01_18 b-01_20 b-01_42

b-01_531 b-01_55

The FULL HD Movie can be viewed HERE




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If movies are your thing – CHECK IT OUT WHILE THIS OFFER LASTS!

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Regards, Chief.


  1. Did see that Tushy video—Wow! I love the other gorgeous woman watching, and helping(!), and that was one heck of a serious, serious paddling session.

    Long live the BadTushy!


  2. Sorry Dave, I’m engrossed – busy downloading their great stuff! This site is so much better than when I was last a member!!! 😀

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