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More Tears…More Snivelling…More Spankings

As the weekend looms, I have been busy perusing some fine spanking content and updates which I am sure you will agree from below represent some of the finest sites around, and as I sit here, cigar in hand, a glass of fine red wine in tother and my pants mysteriously removed whilst in front of my laptop (how did that happen?) I will take time out to show you some of what I have been watching and also some of the latest updates around. Stand by, as if pretty girls, tears and hard spankings are your thing, I would loosen your undergarments in case of unexpected rumblings “down below” in the trouser dept.

Pretty Russian girl Ivy is in 2 updated and new movies at SpankingDigital and SpankedSchoolgirl at the moment!

From SpankingDigital – the dedicated spanking movie site we see her humiliated by Miss Baxter (aka Miss Bradley, of course) and this snivelling girl is totally dominated and submissive as she’s spanked over the stool, tearful and with her rather plump bottom getting redder and redder…mmm. Click on image below for a FREE Gallery of this latest film.

“Russian Girl Disciplined”
FREE Gallery here

This is a no nonsense movie, little dialogue and little build up, just a spanking and paddling of Ivy’s glorious wobblesome buttocks! I have also found a FREE Clip without making one myself (hoorah, saves me time) and it’s a great clip, really shows the sirt of spanking and the rest of her punishment that is in store…


I also told you that Ivy features in another film (see bottom of this post for that information from SpankedSchoolgirl)


One very sexy girl I haven’t featured in detail for a while in the stunning Pixie from and I have to say that this latest movie (full film now available) is a winner!

3 reasons:
1: Pixie’s gorgeous panties and of course her lovely pert behind.
2: The straightened hair, I love that look – not sure if it will be a feature, but…oh boy!
3: Pixie pulls some of the best anguished looks around, not surprising as Veronica is wielding a nasty paddle!

Take a look at the images below, and seriously, Pixie, I love those panties, so cute…my Missus wants to know where you got them! LOL

Check out Pixie's panties!

heat02 heat03 heat04

heat05 heat06 heat07

heat08 heat09 heat10



There’s nothing like seeing a girl in tears, you know that your punishment has worked and she’s less likely to be as cocky, no point in dishing out your punishment, expending all that energy only for little missy to turn round and give you the finger, is there? Mike from Real Life Spankings has the right idea when he spanks Julie rather hard in a secluded part of the woods (apart from the giveaway car registration, the location must be Holland, as it’s all flat there…heh heh)

julie's spanking

I’d have spanked silly teen Julie for that tattoo and the foolish facial piercings, I doth understand kids nowadays…is this fashion? I’d have caned her if we were alone, and caned her HARD! However, when you see the wonderful size of Julie’s bottom, then I think Mike had the right idea to pummel that big bottom with a wooden paddle! More pics below, check out Julie’s rather large red teen derriere, it’s just begging to be punished, eh?

julie2 julie3 julie4

Mike certainly knows what he’s doing with that heavy wooden paddle, perfect for battering Julie’s big bottom, and it sure looks like she’s feeling it!



Finally as I promised – Ivy’s latest punishment from – there are a few things that makes this movie stand out for me. First, as Ivy was prone to really feel her punishments and cry (real tears by the way) there was a hand held cam (very steady by the way…filmed by me, so marvel at the excellent camerawork, lol) and the “white panties” references which I have to say reinforced the full humiliation of Ivy in this movie as she is told to remove them etc…see the FREE image gallery below which shows you what this film is about, it’s a corker!


Love the uniform, love the fact Ivy’s tears are very real, loved Ivy’s red bottom, loved those white panties – I’ve seen the full film, I highly recommend this!
& guess what?….I cut a clip for you, it’s EXCLUSIVE to this blog, it’s an early part but you get the idea about the “White regulation panties” so enjoy!!!


SpankedSchoolgirl is currently on a HALF PRICE SIGN UP OFFER, you’ll see it on the HOME PAGE HERE

Have a great weekend,


  1. the Serial Spanker the Serial Spanker

    I told the Pixster some time ago that her straightened hair looks more yummy, but she didn’t seem convinced, and said she had already gone back to the curls by the time I wrote to her about it. Oh well, maybe she’ll go to that look more and more frequently now. At least we can hope. In my opinion the straightened hair makes her look much more devourable.

  2. I will mention it to her again! I know that hair straightening is a time consuming affair, according to my lazy missus! 😉

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