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Cheats & Snivelling Schoolgirls

Grr, I’m really angry, I’ve lost a whole load of data uploading, just sorting some stuff out, and it’s not f*cking backed up, arrrrghhhh! Bastards! It’s infuriating and when the Missus comes back from her “Jolly” out with her mates down the Pub, the f*cking slipper will be waiting for her smart arse!

Anyway, the mood I’m in, I just enjoyed watching these stupid teenage bints getting thrashed hard, making me feel better already.
YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER GIRLS! I have absolutely no sympathy!!!
Anyway, see the latest movie out from CanedSchoolgirls, there’s a really good free clip (below) and this movie has been thougtfully remastered so I , and you, can enjoy watching those bruised buttocks thrashed and thrashed again!

click here

If severe caning movies of schoolgirls and teens are not your thing (Well, hard to figure if it’s not, but hey, it’s a free country) then seeing cheating girls punished HARD with the strap might be to your taste! This is no easy punishment for the girls at all, oh no, which is why I’ve featured it here – and it stars 2 fave girls of mine, Ashleigh and Carla, who have the most amazing arses, and it’s good to see them snivel and suffer as the strap hits its mark on both of them, this movie is courtesy of SPANKINGDIGITAL, where all your spanking movie needs are ALWAYS satisfied!!!

Click image below for the FREE DOWNLOAD

cheats thrashed!

This full amazing movie can be viewed HERE


Back soon when I’ve simmered down, I’ll let you know about the state of soon to be “er Indoors” next time!
Chief 😉

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