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Clare Fonda Interview

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but earlier this week, after Clare’s Big EE4 Shoot, we got talking and I hope you enjoy this interview of one of the Top innovative Spanking Producers (in my opinion) from the USA.

The Chief’s Interview with Clare Fonda

Clare’s stats: 41 this September
5′ 7 1/2″ - 122lbs – brown hair – blue eyes.
Clare now lives in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley
Clare grew up in England) & moved to California before her teens.
(“Sorry, no cute accent”, she says, but sounds fine to me)


Chief:  Hi Clare, thanks for taking time to answer my questions for the Blog readership.

Clare: Aboslutely no problem , you have been a very cool dude to me.

Chief: Aww shucks! OK, you’re now a successful Spanking Site “webmistress” (I guess) but can you tell me how you got into the spanking business, was it as a model?

Clare: It was really as a pro sub who ended up a pro switch and a saw a lot of talented women working around her who would be great in videos.  The first spanking video I ever made was for my own company so I really got into it as a producer and then other companies were nice enough to have me model. Now I am back just modeling for my own company as producing keeps me busy.

Chief: What made you decide to do your own stuff?

Clare: (laughs) It was fun modeling for others but I kept thinking I need to be focusing on my own company, which of course, is my future.

From Clare’s personal collection – “Big Bad Mama Clare”

Chief: Indeed, so how hard did you find setting up your own site? And can you remember the plans you had for it? Any early disasters you’d care to share with us that you can laugh off now?

Clare: (hmm) Well, we started out just selling videos thru the mail and going to the Shadowlane parties and selling there – but after a while I had some mentors encouraging me to a site where girls told their spanking stories. So any girls who do adult work in the US were spanked growing up, hmmm.  At first we had the site on an AVS server so there were hundreds of hardcore porn sites for one price and you got a profit split. This server would get hijacked by internet pirates who would put some kind of flag up and redirect it to a soft drink commerical.  It was finally just more secure to have my own site and Spanked Sweeties was the first but I have 6 now, even a diaper site which is fun and easy to shoot, although some models do tell me to go to hell.  (Chief laughs)

I guess one of the funniest stories was a day we got two models who were not quite ready for prime time. We got them off Craigslist, and we had had some great ones of Craigs but not these. One girl was getting a ride home from The Cameraman and asked if he could come in and spank her boyfriend so the boyfriend could become a real spanker. Not The Cameraman’s thing. At the same time the second model showed up to my door early.  She had obviously been a man a few years ago and as far as aesthetics should have stayed a man. (More giggling from Chief) I wouldn’t even mention it – but she wimped out on not only taking a spanking but complained her hand hurt when I had her top..I wanted to scream “Be a man!”

Clare gets it good!
As a producer, I often cast myself bottoming to cute men!
Seen above getting it from Tom Byron on Spanked Sweeties

Chief: OMG Clare, I wasn’t expecting that (LOL) – From my experience, most spanking sites, including the ones I am associated with here in the UK are only run by a few people, is it the same for you?

Clare: It is just myself and The Cameraman. We are both very old fashioned. We were taught if you want something done right- do it yourself. That’s why we masturbate constantly.  Just kidding. No I think that there is a misconception that a lot of  spanking companies have huge staffs with 401ks so people have no conscience with piracy but then again, those people seem the type that would even steal from their friends.

Chief: Uh huh…I hear you there, sister! As I thought, almost all spanking companies I know just have a few dedicated people who enjoy their kink and try to get by and make a living off it. Those pirates that seem hellbent on ripping whole sites are basically killing them off from what I’ve heard & then there’d be less spanking sites left, who the hell do they think we are? Do they imagine spanking producers are multi millionaires smoking huge Cubans lit with 100 dollar bills, driving Porcshes everywhere with their abused bitches in the trunk? *sigh*

Clare: (laughs) I only use 20 Dollar bills so I must be doing something wrong!

Chief: From what I remember from some mails last year or so, you mentioned how you source new models (like the infamous & gorgeous fetish model Harmony) via various agencies. I know you mentioned Craigslist, but do you still do that or do you now have more models contacting you directly?

Clare:  A bit of both. Word of mouth around the fetish model community is good but it is always fun to shop for models thru agencies such as – I usually use them now

Chief: Yeah, here in the UK, it’s a lot smaller and easier to travel around so we need less use of model agencies but I know the guys at Xerotics do source online agencies as well as get a lot of their own models contact them directly, which is nice. Clare, when you’re interviewing or finding new girls for possible roles what do you look for? Can you spot the time wasters and avoid your trannies like before or do you still sometimes get let down?

Clare: Usually the agents know what I like and it is not a girl who walks in and says “I can’t be marked I have a shoot tomorrow”  That girl is not coming back. In fact I will usually ask her if she just wants to leave then and there.  Also if a girl wants to discuss the shoot extensively or on the phone before I tend to just use the agency.  There are enough others to vouch via the agency that this is a good shoot.  Also I take recommendations off friends who are like me – I know if Paris Kennedy liked someone she hired I will like them too!

Chief: Tell me, it’s that time of year again, have you been busy recently? (laughs)

Clare: Yeah, we do the Exclusive Education series once a year. We just shot EE4 this past weekend.  It was a cast of 10 and that is enough. I really do not like to shoot for more than four hours and as far as these big shoots, once a year keeps it special.

The meanies of EE4 Snow Mercy, Lana and Clare at Girl Spanks Girl

Chief: Hmm, that reminds me, must get to view this when it’s out!!! As far as let downs on shoots I’ve been to recently, we had one model turn up when there should have been 3, and there’s always those boyfriend assholes who insist that the pre arranged contact be changed or that they don’t like what they read (it’s standard stuff FFS!) then insist his precious darling only be dommed by a woman, or with panties up only etc when we, as you know, deliberately bring in girls specific for a shoot! Grrr! usually they get told to fuck off if they want to be difficult!

Clare: Yeah, regarding that, I do not like boyfriends on set at all. Why should some guy watch another girl who is not even his girl, get spanked?  I understand security concerns but if they are that extreme this may not be the shoot for you. That being said I am totally cool if the guy wants to come meet me at the door and then take off. 

Chief: Could you explain to everyone why there are not full classrooms of spanking models as schoolgirls, can you imagine the cost and the mayhem?
(I asked Clare this as once I had a very irate member when I used to run customer support way back about the lack of girls in a classroom,” that’s what detentions are for”, I’d explain! He wasn’t having any of it telling us we were frauds for goodness sake! Clare’s reply is pretty much why we’d never do this, and of course the ridiculous cost!!)

Clare: If we had say, a real classroom, 20 students or so, it would get ridiculous.  Sometimes you have a girl who is stronger than you in a video and she just will not take a spanking, keeps fighting it. I want to say “Can we please do some acting here?”  That’s how it would get with that many girls.  Lana, the other dommes and I would say girls are out of control, it’s like being a real teacher.  I mean that’s why I got into this business- so I did not have to be a real teacher anymore, (laughs). I don’t know how they do it.

Clare & Ms Boxx
“No matter how trashy my lifestyle gets I still look like a librarian”

Chief: So we’ve established your career to date. Can you remember your first spanking scene? Who was it for, how old were you, and how did it go?

Clare: I guess I was in a video that we shot and set at the Chateau in Y2k.  It was called “Penny’s Birthday Spanking”  and I think it is still on Girl Spanks Girl.  I was about 32, way too old to be making my debut as a model , but for a spanking model- we are never too old to get spanked!  You’re always a baby to someone.

Chief: Clare you certainly don’t look your age now, that’s for sure!!!

Clare: Thanks, but I think it’s okay to look your age as long as you’re pretty!

Chief: (LOL) I’ve seen many of your films and I hope you continue to get spanked, I love your bottom and your reactions as well as when you dish it out good to the girls! Can you tell me the following?
As a spankee, what scenes, punishments, storylines do you dread the most and look forward to the most?

Clare: As a spankee, I would be a bit nervous if a scene does not start out with a hand spanking! What I look forward to the most is being spanked by a nice man who I know is looking forward to spanking me. (Chief interrupts…”I’m there!!!”) heh heh-  I have been ready to be spanked by a top and had him complain that I was not one of my models. It was like being hit in the head with a paddle- no warmup.  I love it though if you know the guy has fantasized about it before he gets you and you can usually count on a man for that.

And as a spanker, the same as above!
I like to spank men when they are into it and same with women.  I am not a sadist but I do like to give  a pain slut what she needs to play a great scene.

Chief: Is there any one movie or scene you are particularly proud of as a model? And likewise on the other side as a producer?

Clare: I always like it as a producer when we shoot with black models as that is not done so much and the content is wonderful.  As far as a model I think my videos with Chelsea Pfeiffer are funny and hot and our chemistry helped put me on the map. I guess I am proud to have just shot a cast of them in the “great depression era”  I am proud to be able to give hard workers hard work.

Chief: What is your favorite implement you like on yourself and like to use on others?

Clare: I would say the Mason Pearson hairbrush is very nice for giving you nice toasty buns and real body high and not so difficult to use.  I was no sports star in school so I do not like any dungeony type implements such as a flogger.  I can take but don’t really want to give.

Chief: Do you prefer M/F or F/F spankings?

Clare: Oh easy, M/F . I am just a boring old straight person. 

Chief: You’re certainly not boring (laughs) So what is your favorite spanking position as a model and as a spanker and least if you have any?

Clare: I would say OTK is my favorite as a spankee and spanker and my least fave as a spanker is when the girl is bent over as I am too afraid to whack her poor pussy. I do know how that feels!

Chief: Ah, but I love seeing a girl touch her toes, all exposed, I love that humiliation angle of a punishment, like the girls are then totally submissive (laughs) but the pussy thing…yeeeouch! You run several websites, is it fair to say you favor any over another and if so, which one and why? 

Spanked call Girls
With Sarah Gregory and Ashley Edmonds on Spanked Call Girls.
Clare says, “Since I have a fascination with prostitution and a hotel/motel fetish this is my fave site”

Clare: I think that Spanked Callgirls is my favorite as it’s just my inner hooker dying to be let out. I also like the new site Sexy Diaper Girls.  There is some spanking on it and diaper content is rare on the web so I feel like I am creating something there is a real need for. 

Chief: Yeah, I’ve been seeing some good stuff at ‘CallGirls…
Do you watch any other spanking models or websites? Do you admire or subscribe to any personally?

Clare: Honestly, I check them all out but it is just for research. (Chief laughs – “that ol’ chestnut!”).  I did subscribe to and I would get turned on identifying with the male sub but it is not really my ultimate buzz.  Shadowlane is more my buzz with the M/F. Tony and Eve are my close friends so I always ask a lot of questions about their shoots.

Chief: Most people in the business say that their interest in spanking started at a very early age. Is this true for you as well?

Clare: No, it really started when I was in my early 30’s and found out that I got off on taking a good spanking.  I hope people appreciate my honesty. I kind of consider myself a “man made spanko”

Chief: Before we wrap this up, could you provide us with any funny tales of strange customer support requests or mad anger that made you think, “oh dear” this person needs help?
(In my days of Customer support, I once had one elderly gent claim he couldn’t view the vides because he was trying to connect his DVD player to his PC!)

Clare: Oh yeah, most of the customers are really cool but when they start sending me ten plus emails a day I want to say “Hey, do you want your damn updates or not?” 

“Junior, is that green hair I see?” Clare with James at Clare Spanks Men

Chief: So when you’re not running your websites and productions what to you like to do in your spare time?

Clare: I do stand up comedy. That’s my only hobby besides long walks and how can I forget – lots of dog rescue. I am always donating to animal charities have three dogs of my own and currently foster a pit bull mix. 

Chief: Wow! That’s a side I never knew about you!!! So what’s in the future for Clare Fonda?

Clare: No kids or marriage, but hopefully more webistes, traveling and six pack abs if it is possible for me to get them. And way more public nudity! 

Chief: I’ll drink to that! …& finally when you take time off, where do you like to hang out or go on vacation, also where would you like to visit?

Clare: I have been to Amsterdam with Eve Howard a few times (my video on you tube was fun in Amsterdam with Stephanie Locke) and this year I want to take a cruise to Alaska. I want to be spanked by Sarah Palin.  That’s completely untrue but I do tend to favor the cold. I would like to visit relatives in England at some point. I haven’t seen them in 25 years. Maybe one will go “That’s Clare bloody Fonda”  Actually they would probably keep it to themselves.

Chief: I’d like to do something else to Sarah Palin, she’s some MILF (laughs). Clare it’s been a blast, thank you for taking time to answer my questions, you rock!

Clare Fonda’s sites are on the banners below, I have also included links to FREE galleries of some of her other stuff, you can be sure that I will be featuring more of her sites soon, particuarly as I just downloaded Leia-Ann Woods as a hooker, damn that was HOT at!!!

Gallery 1 Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5


Gallery 1Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4Gallery 5


Gallery 1 Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5


Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5


Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5


Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5


Hope you all enjoyed this interview and a closer look at a female spanking producer, thanks again to Clare Fonda. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions, if positive I might just try more at this interviewing malarky! 😀


  1. the Serial Spanker the Serial Spanker

    I’m so glad you took time to feature Clare Fonda. What’s even more worthwhile is the picture of the very spankable Miss Fonda being walloped over Tom Byron’s lap. Which leads me to my opinion that Clare Fonda is one of the most spankable (and devourable) women out there today. I can easily name several reasons why she turns me on so much, especially when I see her being spanked, but then I’d have to take a shower to cool off ; )
    I’d love to see more of her on the receiving end of the paddle and brush, and then devoured by her male spanker as she should be…as any beautiful healthy naughty girl should be after her bottom is reddened by her lover.
    Keep up the good work, Miss Fonda. And try to be naughtier in the future. As every girl knows, good playful naughtiness helps her keep her charm and youth and her sex appeal much longer than she anticipated.

  2. tim tim

    Great interview with clare love her sites ff . my favourites they are brilliant ,beautiful girls excellent ,best wishes from tim .

  3. Thank you for the love Serial and Tim, and to Chief for a fun interview.

  4. excellent interview! great job!

    as we all know, Clare rocks 🙂

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  6. Wonderful interview Clare! 🙂

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