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Naughty Jasmine – Teen Masturbatrix

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you all had a good long weekend, good job I didn’t go to Dublin for a long weekend (I was almost thinking of it) as I wouldn’t have gotten back again thanks to that stupid Icelandic Volcano spewing out yet more ash in our direction disrupting flights over all of Ireland and the north of Britain today (can’t the North Atlantic countries just sink Iceland?) Awww, only kidding, we love you tall blonde attractive girlies, but the guys…well…heh heh!!!  😉

Subject today is a new movie just released at – It was a naughty movie filmed way back before Christmas last year but now available to lucky members only at this site! Jasmine is a wanton teenager brought up in a strict house with often hard rules according to Old Testament Scriptures! It’s hardly surprising she rebels and in this case she is in the living room and can’t help but shove her fingers down and removes her tight sopping panties and frig away til she came loudly in a satisfying climax (that is all filmed in intimate detail)

This movie also has double edged standards which are quite hilarious, as you’ll see from this exclusive free clip brought to you by SpankingBlogg where she is bringing herself off with her fingers unawares that she is being spied on!!! The dilemma of her elders is etched on his tormented yet curious face (note the double take for a further peek later!!!)

Mmmm, you can understand what an alluring view this would be seeing this horny teenager fingering herself off to a moaning panting climax! As I said, it’s all caught on film, and I have said it before, but Jasmine has the most amazing labia which of course members get to see in close up sticky detail! But we are also here to view her following punishment when she is tackled on the subject of (for goodness sake) “why do it in a public place??” She is spanked very hard and given the hairbrush across her bare buttocks which reddens her bottom beautifully and removes the pleasure of her recent climax to cleanse her of this impure act!!! I have got you some images below from the movie which are shown here for the 1st time anywhere!


Seriously, this is a great punishment film and the spanking and hairbrush scenes are quite severe which should satisfy just about any spanko!!! It’s cheered me up viewing it. Check out this and all the other recent updates with some seriously naughty free clips HERE

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  1. brad brad

    Yes, she does have a very succulent labia chief. Mmmm

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