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Spanking sensation… Sophie!

Who’s this Sophie I’m on about? Dare I call some unknown girl a spanking sensation? Well, in my ignorance, I have missed one of the cutsyest, prettiest girls to have taken a spanking this year and it’s at a site I had almost forgotten about – no disrespect to the site owner, that was just me. Well, here I am to make amends and let everyone know about this little beauty from America that has stolen my heart with thanks to

Earlier I featured her at my Teen Spanking Tube, if you haven’t checked out the additions there recently, then check out the image below to give you a taster of just who and what Sophie is and what she is able to take… whether she likes it or not… watching Sophie taking her punishment is massively addictive and I’m having wihdrawal symptoms already!

Click below to see the instant 3 min 23 sec clip

The above film review is taken from her 2nd spanking punishment with a piece of wooden molding, I like the way that many various DIY implements are used to good effect, and of course Sophie’s expressions and reactions are pure gold!
This is what webmaster Scott had to say about new girl Sophie:
Sophie is an extremely cute, 5’0″ 22-year old who has done a few other videos previously, but never a spanking video. She is very athletic and said that she played just about every sport that she could in high school and college. She’s so cute and sweet, it’s hard to believe that she can take such a hard spanking. In fact, when she came to the shoot, she was so polite and mild mannered that we didn’t think that she would do very well. Boy, were we wrong! We brought her to tears by the end of the spanking and when you look at the pictures of her butt from after the spanking, you can see why. This is one of our absolute favorite videos to date and we think that you’ll really love it.

Ok, I would go to say that if Sophie wants to appear in many more films, she could easily become one of the spanking faces (and bottoms) of 2011! Check out some more images and WMV Preview clips below in the original quality of the members area content, as I said, she is highly addictive viewing: BEWARE!

Sophie’s feet are bound and held up so her bare tight bottom is exposed in virtually the embarrassing Diaper Position and she is given her first leather paddling on film! Below, Sophie is introduced to The Tawse, it is explained what this infamous leather implement does and you can see the painful results in this remarkable film where Sophie shows that her tolerance is far higher than anyone had expected, making this a highly viewable spectacle!

Finally in this little homage to Sophie, please check out the preview of her film taking a “pegboard” – I’ve never seen this before, but from what you’ll see you can easily imagine that this is quite stinging and a cross between a wooden paddle and a light leather strap – ouchy!!!

Of course this site is not just about Sophie and there are some equally excellent spankings of other young madams who should cater for all tastes. Check out this site for yourself, it is definitely worth the site entrance for Sophie alone and gets my highest recommendation and is the only site I am featuring in today’s post to back that up! Click HERE or the banner below for more details and more free images and clips of all the girls for your perusal.

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