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While I’m at it…remembering Anita

I’ve heard that Anita de Bauche no longer does “Fetish” or adult work anymore, which is a great pity to those fans like myself that have admired and been amazed by some of her online work! Fortunately, she had featured quite a lot at one group of spanking sites and in particular if you wanted just one site to choose from, then I’d have to say go for Why? Simply because there were some awesome films she starred in that are exclusive only to that site – and still, thankfully, not found anywhere else!

The delicious buttocks of schoolgirl Anita are given a good pasting as you’ll see from this free strapping clip below: Please right click and save the file first as it’ll be easier for you all to view this movie file saving the film to your PC or laptop first, I expect a lot of people to try and view these clips!!!

Right Click and save file 1st to view!

The story: Anita held the position of Head Girl of her class. With that comes a lot of responsibility to uphold the rules of the school & set an example to other pupils. Much to the horror of the Headmaster she fell foul of the strict rules in regards to how girls have to behave when outside of school! On a school outing she disgraced herself by getting into trouble with a number of her class mates. The result was a VERY SORE BOTTOM for Anita! Spanked – then strapped across her bare quivering cheeks,  gorgeous Anita had to learn quickly to mend her ways. This movie is only available & EXCLUSIVE to

Want more? click on the link below as it contains a hand strapping scene, which is quite rare nowadays!

below is one of my fave pyjama bedroom scenes of Anita, this is what I found in the members area (you can now click on a model profile and look up your fave girls featured etc) This is a brilliant film with a shameful Anita, who fails a Knicker Inspection in bed. You’ll see her in her pyjamas, bare arsed, getting spanked OTK and then caned hard across her beautiful cheeks… see what I mean from these lovely images and FREE Clip which is special to this blog!

See the Hi Res vid caps and the FREE movie clip below.

Right enough waffle – I just wanted you to appreciate yet another fantastic spanking model as I prepare my usual updates so don’t go too far – Remember this download & all content is exclsuive to

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  1. tim tim

    sorry Anita has left the spanky scene lovely spankee girl we have nice vids with her to view ,i wish her my best regards from tim .

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