Tears on a Sunday

Sundays, I’m not a fan of them, to be honest. I aim to stay away from my laptop - yet here I am… (sadly) typing away as usual. Now some might say that I should be observing the “Lord’s Day of Rest” – well, I’m not a big “Bible Basher” and know if there is a hell I’ll be going straight there… I saw an old episode of “Family Guy” last night and it made me laugh thinking about the different hells you’d expect for animals… the “Doggy Hell” shown below was pretty apt!!!

My own hell? Oh, I’d probably fall for some pathetic sob story that everyone else would laugh at cos that’s the sort of guy I’d be – and then they’d all point and laugh at me which would be pretty humiliating, I guess… in hell I’d probably be made to do it time and time again. Yikes, how depressing. (Can’t I choose Doggy Hell? heh heh!)

Actually Sundays are usually quiet days for me to reflect on or to be immensely bored which is why I end up on here. My quiet reflection today had me thinking about why people are just screwed financially at the moment, it seems to be getting worse with taxes here and every bloody where & as it appears the “Average Joe” out there is utterly impoverished and taxed to death with things just getting tougher, I understand that (personally)… so will now show you one of my fave movies that is available as pay per full download (meaning it’s dirt cheap compared to a full membership) and it’s a guaranteed winner as it contains scenes of tears and severe caning, good cam angles and a lingering mental anguish of the poor girl as she takes the hardest strokes of rattan across her soft bared cheeks ever! It’s not a thrash the girl til her ass is red pulp (Jeez, I HATE that shit – seriously, what is the point in that? It’s just nasty) No, this involves a lot of mental anguish, thought and of course much tears and the moment of pain as the cane crashes onto the cheeks can be savored perfectly.

I’m going to give you 2 options to view this, either as a pay to download at NaughtyBottom (the cheapest option) or from the original membership site – which I’m happy to say is still very competitively priced so will include it today at the aptly (and accurately) named CanedSchoolgirls.com







View as part of a membership to canedschoolgirls.com HERE (lots of free previews!)

or check out the FREE storyline and free preview clips from NaughtyBottom below

Full movie listing from naughtyBottom with free previews (below)

Or as part of the CanedSchoolgirls.com website (take your choice)

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