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OK… I have a bit of a writer’s block today on here so am taking time out: I actually just did a nice update about AAAspanking on my other blog HERE which you should take a look at, some nice stuff to look over… however, a few announcements here today, 1st up, I wondered what all the fuss was about with Tumblr so yesterday decided to open an account not realising it’s a blog thing really, I will use it to post some inane, funny, sexy and bizarre pics, some related to spanking, some not but it’s all good fun and I have found it quite addictive already πŸ™‚ So go click on the link HERE or the image below and if you like it, bookmark it or follow me if you’re a Tumblr member, there should be some good guff on there from time to time πŸ™‚

OK, that’s the fun bit over, here is something which has put a real bummer on things for me over the last hour or so… (from my dizzying highs explained in my other blog to the terrifying lows I am about to explain here!) *sigh*


So… I have some grim news about my Teen Spanking Tube site – I have to move it to a high end dedicated server VERY SOON or shut it down – I don’t know how many of you check it out but as it has gotten more and more popular over the last 6 weeks on the verge of going viral (despite me blocking all Chinese and other leaching traffic that I’d deem pointless), the bandwidth and more importantly the RAM usage has gone mental and my hosting company are about to suspend it as it is exceeding the limits constantly. I won’t tell you what it is, but it’s NUTS! I can’t even move it to my present dedicated server that contains this blog and my website as that is already close to high end limits and I am paying considerably for that unless I upgrade it all to a high end server.

So what I am essentially saying is that either some of you good people might actually help me out and purchase some memberships that you see either there or here that I lovingly promote (yes, I know this seems kind of rude and it’s tight financially for us all) but it is what I do and sales the last few months have just flatlined – well, for me they have. I haven’t bitched about it, in fact, I made more working part time on this over 3 years ago than I do now… something is horribly wrong! (I have discussed this with others who promote through love and necessity) and though there is a downward trend, mine is alarmingly downward! Basically, I can’t sustain it much longer – I hate airing this but this is the reality and the facts since January.  It had been getting harder from around September last year… my figures since around mid January this year have just nosedived… have I done something wrong, I ask? I don’t know. (which is why I’m asking). There are things I think are contributing but I really won’t discuss that here now but would welcome any, and I mean ANY input that you as long time readers have, after all, you don’t seem to be deserting me… in fact the readership figures have been going up, if anything and it seems to be a popular promo type blog from what I have got back on feedback from others. Yes, I’ve lost literally 1000’s of good links and gallery links that I had made in the past that I know might have helped… I’m also sick of going back in the past and changing some links time and time again at some sites – they are in the past so to hell with that… but sadly if this continues for me then I am a goner, dust in the wind… everything might just go! I’d hate to leave here or have my other account suspended, but my site would go on (that is totally unaffected – but I really need to be blogging about it, helping it in its early days as well as relying on the goodwill of the spanking community… that site is now helping to pay towards my mortgage when I should have been keeping the funding back for future shoots and such which is what it was intended for, including funding for trips to America to film whole new stuff and meet strange new frontiers (It’s life Jim… but not as we know it!) – that was the whole darned plan – reinvest… reinvest… and reinvest at the start!

I could go on and bleat about this but I won’t – I’m probably bleating about nothing but when my hosting company said it would cost 200 Bucks extra a month I just can not afford that, I really can’t! I’m working on this as I speak, I probably got it wrong and it’s just an extra 60 or 70 a month or so (LOL) So if you appreciate that I take time and plenty of effort to bring you all a little promo spanking joy/clips/pics and some insider info where poss try to think about how you might be able to help me… I don’t mean financially (well, that’s nice but I haven’t quite got the begging bowl out just yet!) but I mean help with any ideas where I seem to be going wrong… I desperately don’t want to be funding my mortgage from my site, not yet anyways… Yes, I can come across as a bit silly at times, I am only injecting some humor from time to time and when the serious matters of punishment are there, then that changes… but essentially I think this blog is still an enjoyable read (well, apart from my long winded half arsed attempts here today!)

Now I really do want to make it to America a few times, if possible, this year… I’m not talking about lording it up on freebie vacations, sure I’ll have a few drinks but we’d be there to network and meet people over a short time, make some great content and meet with our fellow esteemed producers and meet some girls we’d not normally be able to film over our side of “The Pond”, maybe do some joint stuff together… I just want to spread the love in this great global community of ours. Why America for me? Well, our core membership is 70% from the USA and I’d like to build on that whilst we still provide our own British insight into spanking matters (Brit accents… but with a heavy wooden paddle? mmm… you know it can work *grin*)

So in all this waffle and “Yes!”… I have been drinking a lot of crisp white Wraxall wine (made locally)… What I am also asking for is some advice! Both Tube and Blog wise: I’m an amateur at this Tube lark and although it has gotten popular the last few weeks, the revenues from it are minimal, if I could see an increase I’d know I could upgrade the site to a new server, maybe even think about upgrading the tube site software itself to make it even better, more interactive, allow others to freely add their own content (I’d love that!) but all that is pie in the sky as it seems the gulf between increasing RAM/bandwidth usage and revenue streams is growing. If I knew that the advertising/membership revenue streams were consistent and increased proportionally from the blogs I run then maybe, just maybe I could budget for it, but it appears currently not to. It’s a shame but things are already financially at meltdown (personally) for me anyway and I definitely can NOT even afford to pay the estimated $200/month more with no return guarantees whatsoever. I already took the huge risk and expense of starting up a brand new site and can’t afford to lose more cash here for no return so as I said, any advice… please either send me a comment or write to me at my gmail address located in the “About me section)

Thanks for putting up with this today

As a token of your time, check out the following galleries from The 4 Site SpankPass – it’s still a decent monthly website giving you the best monthly options on a regular basis from this network πŸ™‚

MORE Spanking goodness like the above can be found at


I’ll let you know what is happening ASAP – seems I can get something for a little more so won’t break me completely just yet πŸ™‚

Server upgardes will be happening across all my sites very soon, I’ll let you know when that happens!
Thanks for putting up with my ramblings today! (I’m too drunk to edit it all now and I’ll be mortified when I see it tomorrow… probably!!! (LOL)

Regards, Chief

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