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Interesting viewpoints & spankings of the day

The first image below has always fascinated me… to gaze upon a woman’s most private parts with a cane in your hand, telling the trembling thing that not only her bottom will be spanked and caned, but her most precious and vulnerable pucker hole will be too! Oh my… I will definitely incorporate that one day, but for now, I will leave this to one site that , above all others has mastered this technique, and that is

However, this isn’t only reserved to peter at the site, his glamorous and more than capable beautiful Domme, heidi can also wield the cane in the most intimate of places with equally devastating effect as you’ll see from 2 chosen models who, just happen to be… drop dead gorgeous as well, I present to you Ines (the brunette) and Michelle (the blonde) for your perusal:


Check out some equally amazing images of what Heidi gets up to with these 2 girls prostrate on the floor, their tiny holes exposed and waiting for the swish of kooboo which results in a very painful sting to an area you’d not really want any sort of acute pain!





I’ve been told it’s rather like figging only the burning sensation is restricted to the delicate and nerve laden area of the anus… what do you reckon? This site has a whole ton of content like this as well as the more traditional spankings we all love, as Heidi demonstrates over her knee (below)


I haven’t featured a “schpaanking” from Holland at for a short while, that’s not to say Mike and co are not updating, I’m just so far behind, so here’s a recent film update I think hardly anyone has noticed, but I do… as I just “love” seeing nurses in their uniforms being punished… and this has a double whammy, the lovely Sarah Bright (more from her site later) and her co star for this particular film shoot, a brunette Dutch girl called Jolene with a very spankable bottom as you will see below!


Nurse Sarah Bright caught nurse Jolene smoking a cigarette in one of the stairwells. Instead of reporting her to Dr. Johnson, she got Jolene to agree that she would spank her instead. She took Jolene into Dr. Johnson’s office and gave her a spanking standing up which Miss Bright enjoyed very much, Unfortunately they were both caught by Dr. Johnson and he put them both across his knee and spanked them rather painfully instead!




Check out all the very latest punishments in uniforms Right HERE



The next site there is an homage from me of some of the best Japanese schoolgirl spanking films from the last 4 or 5 months, and just look at some of the stunning girls and the photography (amongst the best along with their costumes and oh so cute uniforms) … and just *HOW* did they get to film in those schools? Damn… you’ll love this site ifyou ever sign up… a worthwhile addiction for 2012! See what I mean from some choice images I have for you



… the cutest girls, the cutest authentic uniforms, it can only be


Do you remember me bringing you news of Sarah Gregory’s “Etiquette” film where she, Ten Amorette and Jenni Mack crossed Chelsea Pfeiffer? I had shown in some detail the first part with the beautiful bouncing butt of Jenni really given a good hard spanking over Cheslsea’s knee… well the entire movie is now out for download and you can see some wonderful images from the film (below) or Ten and Sarah’s turns as well as a butt blistering finale that I enjoyed… and I know YOU will too!




Ten, Jenni, and Sarah are three rich brats from the upper east side of Manhattan. They are unpleasantly surprised when Miss Pfeiffer, a teacher in etiquette, shows up at their place. Miss Pfeiffer is appalled at how rude and bratty these three girls are. She uses one method that never fails…  good old fashioned spanking. These three brats get the spanking of a lifetime and a lesson in being polite and proper young ladies.

CLICK HERE to watch this movie in full and check out the other girl on girl spanking punishments


Here’s another full film now available to download and stars one of the best known spanking stars around in the UK (though if you know her, spanking is one of her kinks and she is far more into bondage, but that is for another day) – so as you’ll see from the images below, it’s Clover (who I hope to get sometime later this year, better late than never, I say… and I have plenty of time to think up something wocked) just as well… as Miss Clover is a very naughty girl… caught fingering herslef, dipping her hands into her sopping box when getting caught would lead to some serious punishment… was it what she wanted? Hmmm…. I guess if you’re in a cell, all lonely like…. those fingers would indeed go wandering down below to relieve the boredom, right girls?







Check out MORE of Clover’s many punishments in the Cell or the Governor’s Office

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