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Spanking News & Updates

OK, with just 1 day to go (My birthday actually, and what a way to celebrate!) for the 1st exciting part of my new movie starring beautiful Jessica and the infamous Zoe Page getting what looks like her comeuppance… I thought I’d bring you news of what else is going on in the spanko world both sides of The Water.

Recently I mentioned that the new site Spanking Sorority Girls is now active and going strong, well, there’s even better news as that site has been included int he 5 Site ClareFondaPass Network making this THE multi site to obtain for all yoru varied needs for beautiful American girl spankings!

& to back up what you’d get withthe multi site (at a fraction of the 5 site combined cost, I might add) I have some of the other latest news from those sites that Clare has now entrusted to The Cameraman… or The Big C as he seems to be affectionately known 🙂

Click on any image below for the latest film images from one of my fave sites

Clare is upset with veteran Sarah Gregory and bratty new girl Christy Cutie. She teaches Christy how things go when Mama Clare gets upset, by putting her over her knee for a hand and hairbrush spanking. Then Sarah is reminded that she should watch out for the newbees when Clare does the same to Sarah. Then Sarah is made to spank Christy with a large wooden paddle. Then Clare puts Sarah back over her knee for a final flurry of spanks. This was the last spanking filmed with Clare (though another scene filmed earlier will appear on the site after this one).





See the whole film from or as part of the 5 Site Network Pass

There is a new redhead model re enacting her painful times growing up, I have never heard of her before, but I’m sure she’s yet another hot porn starlet (I will have to Google her name after this for some further exhaustive investigations, you understand? *ahem*) Anyway, she’s amazing to look at, reacts beautifully to a spanking and has long legs that are draped over Clare’s lap with an ass that speckles just right when spanked! *swoon*

Ladies and gents – Introducing Phoenix Askani at



This is what Clare had to say about this latest acquisition: “A tall red-headed beauty, adult model Phoenix Askani has many interesting stories about how she was spanked by her mother and father while growing up. Her porcelain skin turned bright red and speckled while she took very hard re-enactment spankings from mom and dad.”

This was Clare Fonda’s last scene playing “momma”  – don’t miss it HERE or via the 5 Site Pass

The next spanking update from this network shows me some promise of what more is to come as there is a guest appearance in the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate in the form of the very sexy bisexual spanko predator, Sinn Sage… she is capable of giving some of the horniest spankings ever known, as well as receiving them… so alongside the curvacious Madison Martin… this is one film that ticks all the girl/girl spanko boxes for me!




This is episode 106 in the ongoing spanking saga! CLICK HERE to see all the episode updates

Finally from this network, one of the most established sites is and it’s split into 3 sections for easy perving – I mean access… Sensual, Discipline and Erotic! I have loved seeing Clare playing her “Momma” roles and this latest domestic discipline cracker is no exception as you’ll see in this pyjama spanking thriller! (mmm, PJ’s, my fave!)

It also stars a girl called Alex Reynolds, she contacted me about work but unfortunately I can’t fly in girls from the USA (pity) but she is a genuine lifestyle sub and I’ve seen some of her realtime thrashings and she can take more than enough thrashings, just like a naughty English girl next door (which is who she reminds me of, so I really get this latest film update – it looks real and not “Hollywood”, if you know what I mean…




This is what the site says officially about this latest update: Alex Reynolds is a life style sub with a nice, curvy bottom, who can take a hard spanking. Clare Fonda tests Alex’s tolerance with a long series of mother/daughter spankings. She lectures young Alex, spanks her bare bottom for a number of reasons, and even gives her a mouth soaping and a caning. This was Clare’s last long, traditional spanking shoot, though there is still one shot earlier that will be released after this instant classic.

Indeed! View this long play movie HERE

Or see all of the above AND new site SpankingSororityGirls.comonly at


Now as I am on the wondrous subject of pyjama spankings, there is a brand new series of films alongside a guy I know well, “Uncle Paul”, who I am sure will be appearing at my site very soon doing what he loves best as you can see here courtesy of – spanking naughty girls in their “jim-jams” – and hopefully with no underwear underneath (I now cane any girl for such infractions if they dare to disrespect me in such a fashion, lol!)

Check out these excellent images of Paul and one of my fave spankees I have worked with personally… Miss Jenna Jay – then check out the link at the bottom which shows you a fantastic free OTK spanking clip!




This is what they had to say about this new film: The start of a brand new series featuring Uncle Paul and his pyjama spanking club. Totally fixated about spanking lovely young ladies wearing all types of pyjamas, Uncle Paul is none the less a severe disciplinarian and does not give these young ladies an easy ride. Once over his knees he lays into them with a hard and heavy hand. His first victim is the lovely Jenna Jay in her new PJ’s. A good spanking over the bottom and then they come down for a good hard bare bottom spanking and slippering.



OK, It’s not a new update, but as you know, I like to remind you of something I have been watching, often as at some sites, I see something and then it reminds me of another film elsewhere I’d like to view again. This is odd, though… as I guess I was thinking that I shall soon meet Paul and Lucy (Lucy I have never met but am looking forward to seeing her) and this film sprung to mind… it also stars the adorable Jenni Mack, who I would also love to have personally over my knee… but I can’t have everything, so settled for rooting out this classic from the guys at Northern Spanking on , what I think was their last trip to Vegas . This 50’s costum set is how is SHOULD be done… Lucy looks a yummy mummy from a byegone era… this film made me grin from ear to ear – bravo!




This is what Paul and Lucy had to say inside the members area about this particular film: A period piece set in the 1950s. A personal fantasy of Lucy, who wanted to play a 50s housewife, with a daughter who is ordinarily a good girl but disobeys her parents. The part of the daughter played by Jenni Mack is wonderfully believable. She is awfully pretty, with the most delicious bottom!


Oh, and of course, how could we miss her getting a good old fashioned traditional English caning at the expert hands of Mr Lewis? Click here to view this HD film in more detail.


Another site that is known for period spanking dramas is Pandora’s site Dreams Of Spanking and this latest movie update explores some darker BDSM elements as you’ll see below. She had also enlisted the help of Hywel Phillips and Amelia Jane Rutherford, who I have never seen in such a dark film before until now…




This is what the site description of this latest film says: New girl Pandora is nervous, untrained and intimidated by experienced pet Amelia. Pandora endures bondage, nipple clamps, humiliating inspections and punishment, culminating in a painful double caning. One of Pandora’s oldest fantasies, this film has a dark non-consensual edge. Amelia demonstrates elegant submission for the new girl, including gruelling slavegirl postures, flogging and a deep D/S hot wax sequence showcasing the genuine chemistry between her and her real life Master. The first of many scenes from our new BDSM series. 

You can also see a special free HD clip of this new film HERE


Don’t forget!!! Coming Soon to AAA Spanking


  1. tim tim

    Christy a new spankee girl is spanked well by Clare ,best,Tim.

  2. Hi there Chief,
    I know that you ,too, love pyjama spankings. As you can imagine I was so pleased to be asked to o a pyjama spanking club. You can be sure the girls WILL NEVER be allowed underwear below their jamas when spanked by me.

    You may not ber surprised to know that the pyjama seen in the Clare Fonda vid were a gift from me too her (good old Primark LOL). Originally they were for a vid she and Eve Howard were going to do for me. Unfortunately Clare retired before it happened. Nice to see them but really annoyed the girl has knickers on below them. One of the reasons I have not been blogging lately is because all the American pyjama spanking stuff seems to have girls with underwear under jammies. CANT PROMOTE THAT REGARDLESS OF HOW GOOD THE WHOLE THING MIGHT

    Naturally would love to see you again and smack some bottoms in jamas.

    regards paul

  3. Will deffo contact you regarding another PJ spanking sometime, don’t know when right now as my next filmshoot already sorted and the one after probably in America, which I can’t wait to do… but will keep in touch 🙂

    oh, just saw on your blog you wrote on a post (from Feb, I think) might you change it to ? cheers

  4. tim tim

    paul yes the girl has panties on under her jammies but still very nice ,Paul is spanking Jessie at Spanking Sara John which is good ,best ,Tim.

  5. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi Cheif, will go to blogg and change that now. looking forward to many more jamas spankings from your great site too.

    regards Paul

  6. Paul Down Paul Down

    Thats done for you Chief. BTW if you get to do a pyjama sdpanking in the states make sure the little buggers dont have underwear below thier jammies.


  7. lol, you can be sure the girls will NOT be wearing panties underneath, and I WILL be doing some jim jam films, naturally 🙂

  8. I didn’t know that panties weren’t supposed to be worn under pyjamas! I do it about half the time in my personal life. Good to know!

    I still plan on flying over to England to work when I eventually get the right combination of time and investment capital. I’ll make sure to leave my panties off when doing pajama scenes!

  9. Hi Alex. Be sure to contact us well in advance – and although I am less strict on the wearing of underwear beneath pajamas than some… I will nonetheless ensure you’d definitely get thrashed on some lame excuse or other – it’s always the way, isn’t it? 😉

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