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I hate Rural Broadband!

Sorry I have not been here sooner, I had to rely on my new smartphone to catch up with mails and such as my home broadband connection had been playing up, it’s taken days and been really infuriating. It seems to be back to normal (well, it’s not great as I still have to rely on copper wiring rather than fiber optics and the upload speeds are crap, basically). I first ensured that the concluding part to the Aleesha Fox and Zoe Page film was uploaded earlier today – eventually – then I think I have just about confirmed my next new spanking model who I shall be filming with next week at a new location, which I am quite excited about. Another real girl next door type who is just 21… sounds promising! You’ll all be the 1st to know about that, of course… & in the meantime, I have an awesome new film coming out this week at AAA Spanking starring 2 cheer girls and me (aren’t I lucky?)

Jessica Jensen, who I am proud to say was first properly showcased at AAA Spanking stars in a really tearful movie called “Cheerleader Mayhem” as she got a double whammy punishment off Zoe, a rival cheergirl… then me. When those lucky enough to see this view the full film, you will see her real tears and fantastic reactions… not to mention that fine sexy red ass of hers in that lovely outfit! & of course there’s a great bonus of Zoe in her cheer girl outfit too scrapping with Jessica! I’m really excited to be showing you this film as it was one of the highlights of the day when I worked with them both… I hope that the images taken from the movie below give you a good idea of what members can expect… and of course, if you can’t wait until Wednesday… those that only want to download the odd film can download the HD-WMV version immediately at the Clips Store – more on that later 🙂

Images taken directly from the film “Cheerleader Mayhem”








For more info on how to view this film as a member – Click HERE

There will also be an additional update of HQ pictures of the girls in their cheer costumes for members too!


As I mentioned earlier… You can also see this stunning film IN FULL right now as a special one off download and that’s at our Clips Store – just click the image below of Jessica in trouble and you will be able to view this film in WMV-HD playback 🙂



I will be back with my updates of the week very soon, now that I know I have an internet connection again! Take care… and apologies in advance for not getting back here and at my other blogs sooner! Regards, Chief.

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  1. tim tim

    Very nice these 2 girls work together with Zoe spanking of course ,does that girl ever get spanked in a vid ?best from ,Tim.

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