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Latest AAA Shoot & Movie Update news

Lots of us producers in the UK are very busy at the moment. I try to avoid filming close to Xmas so this is probably my last film shoot until after the new year. However, if this is the last shoot of the year… what a way to end it on! I had a fabulous time with Molly Malone & Amelia Jane Rutherford.

Molly & Amelia… yesterday.

Surprisingly these 2 “spanking dames” had never been paired together (but I had long wanted them to work together as I just knew they would be AWESOME together!) and guess what… they blimmin’ well were! Folks, they had such a chemistry, and as both girls were rather tall (that’s an understatement) I deliberately paired them up with the loveable but bumbling rogue, “Uncle Dodgy Dave” who had me in stitches with some of his lines (he’s also much smaller than the girls, like me…) I, of course, didn’t want to miss out on the action either, despite me having a rather nasty 2 week old moustache which I hate as I am growing it for “Movember” in aid of various cancer charities. So I apologize in advance for the nasty slug over my lip (I actually left the stubble around it for a couple of days too, to help disguise the nasty “fella”!

Molly was such a sweetie, she had told me that she had bright red hair and she was going to change the colour if I preferred, and I said if she was making it darker, I’d love that, as you’ll see, she looks delightful and she told me that she has never worn the same colour to any online shoot… that’s a lot of hair dye and decision making! The 1st film the girls did was the one I’ll be editing myself in time for Xmas (in fact, I shall be editing all these). I have been practicing and the new software I have gets easier with yet more tedious practice… I’m getting better after my initial frustrations!

Like last year, I thought I better put in at least “some effort” to celebrate Xmas so members will be pleased to know there is a naughty twist I hope you will all like!

Of course, I insist on wheelbarrow spanking positions now (until I or my members get bored of them) and Molly really couldn’t wait to give Amelia one, in such obscenely short school plait skirts too! My eyes were popping out on their stalks watching this film unfold!!! It should come with an “Ocular Health Warning!”

I’m not going to list all the films we did, but here are some more things you will be able to see over the coming months, all films will come with some really cool HQ Photosets as well! These shown here today are mostly me just mucking about as I have a thing for “Instagram” effects at the mo so a few images I have messed around with… but you’ll get the idea of what we got up to…

Oh… and we did a Volleyball shoot… even though I annoyingly left behind my volleyball net as I wanted to film them outdoors practicing badly… so we improvised and had the girls stretching afterwards… both sent off during their game and making my team lose the final game in appalling cisumstances (cue some rather severe punishments, ahem!)


Those red shorts also had some revealing camel toe moments, much to Amelia & Molly’s horror but they wore them. Such good sports! heh heh!

If you go down to the woods today… make sure you don’t get caught spanking AND trespassing!

This was an outdoor scene I had been wanting to do for an age… this time of year, I love it when the tress are changing colour and you can feel the rustle of the leaves under foot. It was also surprisingly mild for this time of year and the rain gods held off for us to film something different, which made this a memorable film for all of us! I just checked some of the raw data and the movie will look superb!!!

No AAA Shoot is complete without a schoolgirl film or 3!

Rival Head girl bickering, anyone? Amelia has some cutting words for her former friend Molly who ends up at a less privileged school… however it all ends in tears for both girls when I hear the commotion coming home early! & below some other memorable moments, I give Molly a good hard OTK spanking in something she had never worn before for such a siuation (very nice it was too) and Dodgy gets a nice reward in this movie… with some deft use of the bathbrush on the girls aching behinds whilst they are wearing some very sexy lingerie! A real visual treat! Thank you to everyone…


& I’d like to say a BIG thank you to Zoe Page who helped behind the scenes as my 1st assistant, Zoe, you were fantastic. So a big “Yay!” for you too! Seriously, you helped in so many ways to make this a great shoot in the end! I’m gushing, so onto what is currently available! Just click on the link below and you’ll see the very latest gallery advertising the latest fantasy spanking installment with the alluring Mishka Devlin… as promised!

Also don’t miss the FREE Spanking Movie preview HERE


Hope you enjoyed the update and what will be coming soon to the site!


  1. tim tim

    John these look excellent withtwo lovely girls ,Molly is quite new although i have seen her on Northern Spanking and possibly others ,the 2 cuties are spanked together i believe from the photos very nice ,best,Tim.

  2. Ahhh, it was a SUPER fun shoot; thanks so much for having me. It was fab to work with Molly; such a treat and I really hope everyone enjoys the movies we made. I certainly loved shooting them; brilliant!

    Amelia 🙂

  3. Yay! Another reader of my “trashy” spanking blog (heh heh) – Thanks for you girls making it a such a fantastic experience, a day we will not forget, I’m sure! I can’t wait to show everybody here (1st, of course) the fruits of our all labour.

  4. tim tim

    Amelia yes we will enjoy seeing you and molly being spanked in the videos ,best wishes ,John ,best ,Tim.

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