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3D Spanking Images & Stories

Something a little different now… I have seen this shown at other sites and decided to check this out myself and it’s an interesting idea. The main thing about the 3D computer generated images is that a creator is only limited by their own imagination…


… in the real world, if I was to hire a classroom full of girls with a huge cast to be spanked, it would bankrupt me and the site would very quickly fold as I’d have no money… lol! It’s why you won’t see a girl embarrassed in front of 30 classmates with her panties pulled down… but of course, if you’re drawing and rendering the images yourself, then, why not? I like this concept… and I also like the fact that the illustrator can get away with a bit of the age play scenarios that can so infuriate some of us with our pesky billing compliance procedures and such…

Here is a fantastic storyline, one which would cost a lot of money to produce with more girls involved – but can be effortlessly rendered to feed our imaginations… and I like the pervy teacher’s idea… a man after my own heart!

The School Fundraiser

funds 001

The schoolgirls are understandably very nervous when they find out they will be raising money for their school by getting spanked all the way to their bare bottoms!

10 Pennies for a smack and pay 10 Pounds for the bare bottom spanking

or an additional 10 Pounds for 6 canings!

As you will see, this has everyone quickly parting with their cash to thrash these cute young schoolgirl fillies! Below is a preview of just some of the 3D artwork. Galleries usually contain over 30 pictures to make up a story.

the-school-fund-raiser-001 the-school-fund-raiser-003

the-school-fund-raiser-005 the-school-fund-raiser-006

the-school-fund-raiser-008 the-school-fund-raiser-009

the-school-fund-raiser-011 the-school-fund-raiser-012

See the Full gallery and more stories HERE

Looking at some of the images of the drawn girls… growing up at home, school or at “Aunty’s” – I would swear that some of the girls looked more mid to late teens than 18+, though of course this is still age play and I feel it’s a little edgy… but what I really liked about the site is that you can have a perfect spankable ass rendered and reddened at will in impossibly short skirts and such… so check out some more imagery below – some of the male doms are a little scary and IMHO would need more work, hell, some of these make me look like Mr Perfect, lol!

1 securedownload-3

securedownload-4 securedownload-5

Point_that_finger_009 securedownload-1


& I have included a teaser storyline so you’ll maybe understand what piqued my interest initially… this is a site I think I shall be keeping you updated with, if you’re interested – let me know in the comments section. Feedback is most welcome and I’d love to read your views on this too!

normal_auntiesmove0001_jpg normal_auntiesmove0002_jpg

normal_auntiesmove0003_jpg normal_auntiesmove0004_jpg

normal_auntiesmove0005_jpg normal_auntiesmove0006_jpg

normal_auntiesmove0007_jpg normal_auntiesmove0008_jpg

normal_auntiesmove0009_jpg normal_auntiesmove0010_jpg


You can, of course check out the webpages for yourself RIGHT HERE

The new site SPANKRED 3D


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