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Latest Spanking Updates & Special FREE Galleries

Have I got a mother of an update for you all today! Where do I start? Before I go through some really good new updates, I just had to feature Ellie-Maye again after getting some mails about her. I was so moved when I revisited this great movie featured below that I decided to make this special page available for all. It went out on a mailing list but I’m sure many of you here haven’t seen it, so enjoy! It leads to a special page promoting SpankingMAGS and has 12 great images and a fantastic strapping clip of Ellie-Maye prostrate over a chair, knickers down, naked waist down and vulnerable with her privates exposed and I remember her feeling ashamed that she was showing so much of her girlie privates.

click here
OK, this was a classic update from SpankingMags – however, just released today is a Special Double Bill of Rosaleen Young. 2 Short spanking stories, one, I am 95% sure has NEVER been shown before, and I gotta admit I hadn’t seen the 1st one featured below, called the Medic.
click here

However, click on the images below and you will get to see 2 very special galleries I just made to promote this Double Bill and all will be explained. they feature plenty of images and 2 fantastic free sample clips – lovers of Rosaleen, who are lucky enough to have a

click here click here


Elizabeth Simpson’s site has a brand new movie and I think it follows a few requests from her blog here that she should be punished more often in her jym-jams (pyjamas) – well, she listened, she asked and we were only too happy to oblige and have her thrashed in this cute little outfit, she confessed she actually wears these to bed, especially in the cold snap we have here in the UK…how deluightful!
See more from her movie “Dormitory Discipline” – click on the images below for access to free sample clips and first show images Exclusive to SpankingBlogg readers 🙂

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click here for more of Elizabeth

This movie features excellent slippering scenes, some top verbal chastisement from Miss Smith (as ever, heh heh) and what’s more, it will also be available in Full HD – I’ve seen the movie, it’s another winner from Elizabeth!!! Her fans, and there are many, will be very happy, did anyone see her last punishment with that caning? *OUCH!!!*

NEW MOVIE RELEASE – Remastered unseen old Classic with 3 girls bottoms and a lecherous old man who enjoys the spoils and trappings of his wealth to spunish, spank and chastise at will his young partner and the waifs and submissive strays she brings home!

click here for the sample clip while it is advertised

Currently at the time of writing you’ll get to see the latest sample clip, also check out these images below which I have exclusively cut from the movie – these are NOT shown anywhere else at the time of writing, so enjoy, another SpankingBlogg freebie!!

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Got some other updates from around the spanking block too!
Firstly, I featured Pandora Blake and Master Cameron at English-Spankers previously, click on the image below for their excellent sample clips whilst they are STILL advertising this recent update!

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It’s worth it, have to say that Pandora looks HOT, and incredibly submissive in this pic, wait til you see the clips!

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Finally today from SpankingServer, this isn’t a brand new update, But I did want to share one of the girls that I was into, looking boyish and very East European, this is Sara and she looks just stunning during her punshments – many were FF scenarios, but don’t let that fool you thinking her punishments are patty cake. Enjoy the typical great photography as the cams delve upskirt, up behind and in close!

See more of Sara at SpankingServer

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See more of Sara below in these images:

more girls punished here

Want more of Sara? Check out these amazing and v naughty punishments below!

See more of Sara and her other gorgeous East Euro friends here

That’s it, hope you enjoyed this update today, I will bring you news and lots of info on the forthcoming update at FetishFlixx but to name one tommorow, so don’t go far! It’s a winner!!!

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Teaser pics below of this movie called “3 Girls Punished”, it’s extremely funny and amusing, great dialogue and some very hard old skool discipline!! I also think this has never been shown before, we remastered it from the vaults, I’ve never seen it, so even better! Now if that won’t bring you back, what will? 😀

coming soon coming soon

Teasing Regards, Chief

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